Natural 7.21 g Orange Red Garut Carnelian Cabochon Gemstone Indonesia 43x14mm


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    Home | PEARLS | JEWELRY | GEMSTONE BEADS | Gemstones | ANCIENT Beads | SKULLS     RARE GENUINE NATURAL ORANGE RED GARUT CARNELIAN CABOCHON GEMSTONE           Item # : 320  3933           Type of gemstone : Rare natural orange red Garut Carnelian gemstone         Origin : Garut West Java / Indonesia ~ cut and polished in Bali   Garut is a district and town in West Java of Indonesia.       Amount : 1 (one) piece       Weight : approx. 7.21 grams = 36.05 cts       Size : approx. 43.42 x 14.01 x 9.79 mm       Shape : Smooth polished fancy cabochon       Color : Bright orange red       Luster : Exquisite polish       Quality : Highest quality ~ excellent translucent gemstone ~ eye clean       Treatment : None ~ 100 % natural stone and natural color without any treatment         About Carnelian   : CARNELIAN ~ his lucky orange gemstone has been associated with kings and other royalty since the dawn of civilization and was commonly used as seals and amulets in ancient kingdoms. The Prophet Muhammad had an inscribed carnelian signet ring which he used as a seal for important documents and it is widely worn by Muslims to this day.   Carnelian is the translucent orange form of chalcedony quartz although the colors range from brown to red and usually appears more opaque than translucent.   It has been used by just about every civilization since the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians and is revered more for its spiritual power and significance than its rarity.     The color of Carnelian   Iron impurities give this quartz its orange coloring and it ranges all the way from light golden yellows to almost red hues. As it gets closer to brown it can be referred to as Sard and if there is a mix of orange, red and brown within the same gemstone we might call it jasper.   Sard, Agate, Jasper and Carnelian are all members of the Chalcedony Quartz family.   They all share some color similarities but generally Carnelian (sometimes called Cornelian) is the evenly colored orange version with a golden yellow to reddish brown range.   Carnelian is a very reasonably priced gemstone and they are all similar in price no matter the color but the brighter red colors followed by reddish orange are the most sought after so will be valued just a little higher than the paler colors.   Colors can be enhanced by heat treatment or by dyeing other forms of chalcedony quartz so check wherever you may be buying your carnelian. Rest assured if any of our carnelian gemstones have been treated we will pass that information onto you.     Spiritual meaning of Carnelian   As one of the most antiquated processed gemstones in human history, Carnelian has an illustrious spiritual connection to us all. The Sumerian Queen Pu Abi of Mesopotamia was buried in a robe of gold, lapis lazuli and carnelian. Egyptian Mummies were adorned with carnelian, representing the strength of Horus, the Sun God and are mentioned several times in the bible as gemstones of Aaron’s breastplate and the Twelve Tribes of Israel. It is also the traditional gemstone of the zodiac sign, Virgo, and in some parts of the world it is a birthstone for the month of July.   Carnelian was used in the past to protect the dead as they journeyed into the afterlife and they are a wonderful gemstone to help you accept the natural circle of life and the loss of loved ones. This can be losing someone in the form of death or perhaps your children moving out of the house or a close friend leaving the city for pastures new.   It is also an energizing gemstone, boosting your enthusiasm and bringing positivity and optimism to any plans you may have. It will encourage you to stop hesitating and get on with achieving your dreams and ambitions. If used as a mediation or manifestation aid it can help create a desired new situation especially with relationships or change of lifestyle.     Carnelian and the Chakras   Chakras are the energy centers in your body also known as Qi or Prana. There are seven Chakras throughout the body each influencing a particular physical, emotional or mental state and each has an associated color. The seven chakras are as follows, Crown linked with the color purple, Third Eye (indigo), Throat (blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacral (orange) and Root (red). Depending on which color is most dominant in your gemstone will determine which chakra it will have most influence on.   The usually orange gemstone, carnelian has a special connection to the Sacral Chakra, located just below the navel. This Chakra is particularly concerned with emotions, relationships, sexuality and creativity. If you are feeling too dependent on a person or a substance, feeling too emotional or have either an obsession with sexual desire or a total lack of desire then Carnelian may help.   Carnelian a bit redder in color can move down to affect the Base Chakra which deals with more basic requirements to life, food, sleep, shelter, survival. If you have any feelings of anxiety about employment or your home this gemstone could be the answer.     Health Benefits of Carnelian   Age old tradition holds that Carnelian is of benefit to all matters to do with blood; blood pressure, heart related issues, blocked arteries, anemia and clotting problems to name but a few. Improved blood flow to vital organs is another benefit that will improve overall health.   Carnelian is also linked to the center of your body so both male and female reproductive organ performance is improved, including frigidity and impotence as well as menstrual and labor pain. One tip is to put a carnelian gemstone in the mouth during labor to ease the discomfort but for goodness sake don’t swallow it or bite down on it! And tell the midwife first.   Lower back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, increased metabolic rate, improved kidney function, aching bones and joints are helped by this excellent crystal.   If you participate in the ancient practice of Yoga for its physical and mental benefits then take some carnelian next time you go to class or place it next to your mat at home. The motivation and inspiration given to you by this gemstone will keep you going and going.   We are often asked how to use gemstones for spiritual or health benefits and while we are certainly not experts in this field we have gained some experience and knowledge. Of course, wearing the gemstone as a piece of jewelry is the easiest way for the crystal to influence your body.   Alternatively, they can be placed in your purse or pocket and used as a touchstone throughout the day. Hold crystals or place them in your lap while meditating. Easiest of all, just lay down with crystals on your body, lined up with the chakra points if possible.   Carnelian is especially recommended for putting in the bath, a gemstone or two in the warm water will get those creative juices flowing. As a gemstone of sensuality and sexuality keeping some Carnelian around the bedroom is a great idea for boosting romance.   Carnelian attracts good fortune and prosperity so keeping a gemstone or two around the office is a perfect way to get business moving in the right direction or wear to meetings or proposals to increase your chances of the best deal possible.   Carnelian should be cleansed every week to keep it at its maximum potential. You can do this by running the stone under tepid water and drying it in the sun for about an hour. It has been said that Carnelian is a self-cleansing crystal however our spiritual gemstone advisors say that this is not certain so cleanse to be on the safe side as it will do no harm to run it under some water.           Remarks : Don’t miss this opportunity to own this rare natural gemstone for your collection or to make a beautiful piece of designer jewelry                   Our photographs have been enlarged to show details. Most details shown in the large image are actually not visible to the naked eye. We have made the image as close as possible to the original item when viewed on our screen. Depending on the viewers monitor settings, these items may appear a few shades lighter or darker in comparison to the original object. 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