HUGE 13.42mm South Sea Baroque Pearl Silver Blue 2.09g Tanimbarkei undrilled


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        SOUTH SEA BAROQUE PEARL from TANIMBARKEI MALUKU ~ The Remotest Place on Earth           Item # : 140  17693           Type of pearl : South Sea pearl ~ cultured         Amount : 1 (one) loose pearl   * All photos are taken from the actual item *       Weight : 2.09 gram = 10.45 cts       Dimensions : HUGE   Length: approx. 13.42 mm Width: approx. 12.26 mm Depth: approx. 11.75 mm       Shape : Baroque       Nacre : Fully nacre   This South Sea baroque pearl is possible hollow or could be filled with liquid or organic matter.       Color : Silver body       Overtone color : A spectacular highly lustrous bluish dove gray silver overtone with a beautiful silken glow (slightly shaded)       Surface : Clean baroque       Luster : Excellent       Quality   : A-Grade / AA+ to AAA                            Drilling : This pearl is not drilled.   We are not able to drill this pearl for you.       Treatment : None ~ 100 % organic saltwater cultured pearl and natural color         Origin : Tanimbarkei / Kei Islands / Maluku Islands (Moluccas) / Indonesia – The remotest place on earth.   The pristine and mineral rich saltwater of the Kei Islands produces these rare and unusual lustrous colors.   The tiny island of Tanimbarkei is part of the Kei Islands and inhabited by less than 1000 very traditional people. Half of the population calls themselves Hindus, but in fact are more or less practicing ancestor worship.   The Kai Islands (also Kei Islands) of Indonesia are in the south-eastern part of the Maluku Islands, in Maluku Province.   Inhabitants called the islands Nuhu Evav (Evav Islands) or Tanat Evav (Evav Land), but known as Kei for people from neighborhood islands. “Kai” is actually a Dutch colonial era spelling, still persisting in books based on old resources. The islands are south of the Bird’s Head Peninsula of New Guinea, west of the Aru Islands, and northeast of the Tanimbar Islands. The small group called Tayandu Islands (also Tahayad) is just west.   The Kei islands are made up of numerous islands.   Kei Besar is mountainous and densely forested. Kei Kecil has the biggest population, and is flat. Actually, it is a lifted coral reef. The capital is the town of Tual. Kei is famous for the beauty of its beaches and pristine waters.   The Kei islands are part of Wallacea, the group of Indonesian islands that are separated by deep water from both the Asian and Australian continental shelves, and were never linked to either continent. As a result, the Kei Islands have few native mammals.   Local history holds that ancestors of contemporary Kei islanders came from Bali, part of the expanding Majapahit kingdom from the western archipelago. The village of Letvuan on Kei Kecil or Nuhuroa Island was the first place that the Balinese royal family and the army arrived, where they stayed with the local residents. As a result, Letvuan became a seat of government, where the local law (Larvul Ngabal) – Red Blood and Balinese Spear – is developed by the initiative of the royal princess Dit Sakmas. Evidence of these ties on Kei Kecil and especially in Letvuan include an inheritance and a harbor named Bal Sorbay (Bali Surabaya) that is the place where the royals arrived. It is recognized by kai islanders that some of their ancestors also came from other places such as Sumbawa Island (Sumbau), Buton (Vutun) in Sulawesi, Seram (Seran) and Gorom (Ngoran) islands in Central Moluccas, and Sultanates of Jailolo (Dalo) and Ternate (Ternat) as well.         Remarks : We are proud to introduce these stunning new pearls from the remotest place on earth – the Island of Tanimbarkei.   Over the next weeks we will offer the most magnificent pearls from our last trip.   South Sea Pearls are among the rarest of all pearls that are available.   Since the dawn of civilization, pearls have been one of the most priced possessions of mankind. Like gold or jewels, they hold an irresistible allure for people as a symbol of rare beauty and wealth.   There were times when pearls were harvested one by one from wild oysters living under the sea. Today there are not many traditional divers that still search for natural pearls in this manner. Instead high-quality South Sea pearls are cultivated in farms in the pristine waters of the Indonesian archipelago.   These extremely rare South Sea pearls are an inspiration from nature!   The color is natural and does not have any enhancements.   This South Sea pearl is simply beautiful.   To touch this pearl is to touch the smoothness of silk!     This pearl is made by nature; nurtured by man, every individual pearl carries with it the adventure, a history and a story, unique only to pearls.         Don’t miss the opportunity to own this extremely rare South Sea baroque pearl                   Our photographs have been enlarged to show details. 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