Angel Wing Carved Mother-of-Pearl Vermeil Sterling Gemstone Hook Earrings 8.20 g


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        CARVED MOTHER-of-PEARL SHELL, RHODOLITE & GOLD VERMEIL STERLING HOOK EARRINGS             Item # : 180  2683           Type of jewelry : HOOK EARRINGS ~ 18K Gold Vermeil over solid 925 Sterling Silver with a pair of genuine natural White Mother-of-Pearl shell carvings and Rhodolite gemstones.         Design : Carved white Mother-of-Pearl shell Angel wings.       Material : Solid genuine 925 Sterling Silver ~ 18K Gold-plated, white Mother-of-Pearl shell carvings and Rhodolite gemstones       Amount : 1 (one) pair of earrings = 2 (two) pieces     * All photos are taken from the actual item *       Gemstones : A pair of genuine natural pinkish red Rhodolite Garnet gemstones from Mozambique ~ faceted round 4 mm diameter       Plating : 18K Gold Vermeil ~ very thick and durable 3-microns yellow Gold-plated over solid 925 Sterling Silver       Total weight : approx. 8.20 grams       Dimension : Total length including hook: approx. 66.80 mm = 2.62 inches Width: approx. 17.31 mm Thickness: approx. 4.25 mm Depth: approx. 9.10 mm (hooks)   These solid 925 Sterling Silver earrings are handmade; the size may vary +/- 1%.       Ear wire diameter :   approx. 0.85 mm       Color : White, gold and pinkish red       Origin of silver work : Handmade in Bali by our in-house Balinese silversmiths       Hallmark stamp : These earrings are hallmark stamped 925       Origin of Silver work : Handmade by Balinese craftsmen         Hand-carved : Our shell carvings are all handmade. This is not a machine mass produced item.   This item is hand-carved and each piece is made one by one which make each piece a one-of-a-kind piece of art.   We know you will enjoy using and wearing our shell carvings as much as we enjoyed making them.         Mother-of-Pearl : Mother-of-Pearl is produced by the Pinctada maxima mollusk ~ the South Sea pearl oyster   They are currently cultured in areas throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans, primarily in Indonesia, Australia and the Philippines.   These waters are the native habitat of a large oyster known as Pinctada maxima. This oyster grows up to 12 inches in diameter and much larger than other saltwater oysters   There are two varieties of Pinctada maxima, the silver-lipped and the gold-lipped. The two are distinguished by their distinct coloration of the outer edge of the interior. This type of shell is known as mother-of-pearl, and is responsible for the coloration of the cultured pearls produced, therefore the name.         Origin of shells : We buy all our shell material from the pearl farms (aqua culture) off the coast of the Island of Sumbawa.    This shell carving is handcrafted in Bali (Indonesia) by our in-house Balinese shell carvers.         What is Gold Vermeil? :   VERMEIL, which is pronounced “vehr-MAY,” is 925 Sterling Silver with is plated with Gold. Vermeil is a combination of Sterling Silver and Gold commonly used as a component in jewelry. A typical example is Sterling Silver coated with 18K or 24K Gold. To be considered VERMEIL, the gold must be at least 10 karats (42%) and be at least 2.5 micrometers thick. In the US and various other countries, Sterling Silver covered first with a base metal (such as nickel) and then plated with Gold cannot be sold as vermeil without disclosing that it contains base metal. The word “VERMEIL” is a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt. Vermeil can be produced by either fire-gilding or electrolysis. The original fire-gilding process was developed in France in the mid-18th century; however, France later banned the production of vermeil because over time artisans developed blindness due to mercury involved in the process. Today, VERMEIL is produced by electrolysis which is much safer than fire gilding yet produces a very similar result The White House has a collection of vermeil tableware kept on display (when not in use) in the Vermeil Room. The Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 23.5 defines Vermeil: “An industry product may be described or marked as ‘vermeil’ if it consists of a base of Sterling Silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with Gold or Gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half (2 ½) microns (or approximately 1/10000ths of an inch) of fine Gold.”   Less than 2.5 microns is NOT Vermeil and is considered as simple Gold plating only.   Vermeil Jewelry Vermeil is a more expensive version of Gold plated jewelry. It consists of a 925 Sterling Silver base that is coated or plated with Gold. And again, if the longest lifespan is in the first place for you, your option is VERMEIL Vermeil is much more durable than simple very thin gold plating.   No wonder that the price is also high.   Gold plated jewelry Gold plating is the term used to describe the process of plating jewelry made of either precious (silver) or non-precious base metal (zinc, nickel, copper) with a thin layer of gold, which is depositing there by electrochemical methods. As it was said the layer is very thin and thus easy to scratch. It also naturally wears thin with time, exposing the metal below.         Remarks : Our 18K Gold Vermeil over solid 925 Sterling Silver jewelry are absolutely marvelous and made with exceptional detail.   These earrings are made out of solid 925 Sterling Silver.   These earrings are handmade; the size may vary +/- 1%.   The condition is new and excellent.         Don’t miss the opportunity to own this beautiful pair of earrings                   Our photographs have been enlarged to show details. Most details shown in the large image are actually not visible to the naked eye. We have made the image as close as possible to the original item when viewed on our screen. Depending on the viewers monitor settings, these items may appear a few shades lighter or darker in comparison to the original object. 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