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ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ARU ISLANDS / MALUKU INDONESIA SOUTH SEA KESHI PEARL       Item # : 141  0010           Type of pearl : South Sea Keshi pearl ~ cultured   Suitable for Jyotish Ayurvedic Astrological purposes ~ the best alternative for natural pearls   Please click here and ready more about:    Jyotish @ Ayurvedic Astrological Gems and Pearls         Amount : 1 (one) loose pearl   * All photos are taken from the actual item *       Weight : 0.78 gram = 3.90 cts       Size : Length: approx. 11.50 mm Width: approx. 8.82 mm Depth: approx. 5.97 mm       Shape : Baroque       Nacre : Full nacre       Surface : Clean and smooth       Body color : White body       Overtone : Lustrous silvery overtone with a beautiful silken glow (slightly shaded)       Luster : Excellent       Quality   : A-Grade / AA+ to AAA         * To read more about pearls look at our custom link:  GUIDES *       Origin : Aru Islands / Maluku (Moluccan) / Indonesia The mineral rich saltwater of the Aru Islands produces these rare and unusual lustrous colors.       Treatment : None ~ 100 % organic saltwater cultured pearl and natural color       Drilling : This pearl is not drilled.   We are not able to drill this Keshi pearl for you.     Please see our Pearl Drilling Policy page:  Very Important Note on Drilling of Pearls         Definition of Keshi : A Keshi is a pearl without a nucleus formed by accident as a by-product of a pearl culturing operation.   Keshi pearls are formed when the oyster rejects and spits out the implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete, or the implanted mantle tissue fractures and forms separate pearl sacs without nuclei. These pearl sacs eventually produce pearls without a nucleus.   Because the oyster has expelled the implanted nucleus of the pearl, the resulting Keshi pearl is 100% nacre. This gives it an especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality. Most Keshi, in fact, have a greater luster than even the highest quality cultured pearls.   The fact that Keshi pearls are solid nacre does not, however, give them the classification of natural pearls. This is because Keshi are a bi-product of the culturing process, and not a natural occurrence.   Keshi pearls, especially Tahitian and South Sea Keshi, were once quite the bargain, yet beautiful and unique pieces. Today, Keshi pearls are much rarer. This is because Tahitian and South Sea pearl farms are now x-raying oysters to determine whether or not the nucleus has been expelled. When a nucleus-free oyster is found they are then re-nucleated before a Keshi has time to form. This practice has made Keshi pearls much more of a rare find than they once used to be. The word Keshi means “poppy seed” in Japanese, and these pearls are often also referred to as “poppy seed pearls.”         Remarks : We are proud to introduce these stunning pearls from an Aru Islands South Sea pearl farm.   The Aru Islands (also Aroe Islands or Kepulauan Aru) are a group of about ninety-five low-lying islands in the Maluku province of eastern Indonesia.   The islands are the easternmost in Maluku province, and are located in the Arafura Sea southwest of New Guinea and north of Australia.   Since the dawn of civilization, pearls have been one of the most priced possessions of mankind. Like gold or jewels, they hold an irresistible allure for people as a symbol of rare beauty and wealth.   There were times when pearls were harvested one by one from wild oysters living under the sea. Today there are not many traditional divers that still search for natural pearls in this manner. Instead high-quality South Sea pearls are cultivated in farms in the pristine waters of the Arafura Sea.   This extremely rare South Sea Keshi pearl is an inspiration from nature!   The color is natural and does not have any enhancements.   This South Sea Keshi pearl is simply beautiful.   To touch this pearl is to touch the smoothness of silk!   This Keshi pearl is made by nature; nurtured by man, every individual pearl carries with it the adventure, a history and a story, unique only to pearls.       Don’t miss this opportunity to own this rare South Sea Keshi Pearl.                      Our photographs have been enlarged to show details. Most details shown in the large image are actually not visible to the naked eye. We have made the image as close as possible to the original item when viewed on our screen. Depending on the viewers monitor settings, these items may appear a few shades lighter or darker in comparison to the original object. 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