Very Important Note on Drilling of Pearls (Pearl Drilling Policy)

Most Pearls can be half or fully drilled, we will be happy to drill the pearl free for you if feasible.

Please add a note with your order detailing your requirement.

If we state that the listed pearl can not be drilled, we can not drill the pearl for you in any way.

Please ALWAYS check with us and read in our description, if drilling is possible or not. For any drilling request you accept our policy on drilling of pearls.

For pearls we accept to drill, we only can standard drill from the top half down or fully-through from top to the bottom of the pearl.

Standard drilling is always through or half at the center of the longest axis of a naturally shaped pearl.

We will drill with a standard drill bit which can be placed centered only. We will drill where the center placed drill bit allows us to drill.

We only use a 0.9 to 1.0 mm drill bit and do not drill smaller or larger holes.

The 0.9 to 1.0 mm drill hole will fit a thin silk-cord or beading wire.

We do not drill sideways and do not drill any other way.

Please ALWAYS check and confirm with us if the drilling requirements you have are possible.

Each naturally shaped pearl is unique and needs different drilling.

We do not charge for drilling.

Some shapes of pearls, especially fancy-shaped baroque or Keshi pearls can not be drilled by us.

We do not drill very small pearls or oddly shaped pearls.

Drilling will reduce the weight of a pearl slightly. Sometimes organic cultured baroque and Keshi pearls may have hollow pockets or liquid / organic filled pockets. We will only see this after drilling. If this is the case we will flush clean and professionally dry the pearl for you. For this purpose a drill hole has to be enlarged slightly. Also cleaning out a pearl will reduce the weight of a pearl very slightly.

We ALWAYS reserve the right to refuse drilling if drilling is not possible or any special drilling requests which can not be done by us or the risk of drilling and damaging a pearl is too great. Sometimes we can see this only before to attempt to drill a pearl. In this case we have to inform you that we can not drill your pearl. Thank you very much for your understanding.

We offer our longtime experience and if you need any pearl drilled, please accept our professional judgment to where a drill hole can be places and if a pearl can be drilled or not.

PLEASE make your drilling request and also any other instructions in a clear note when sending your payment via PayPal. Very important: without a note with a drilling request and clear instructions in the PayPal payment confirmation, we will not be able to drill any pearl.

With giving your drilling instructions, you accept our conditions for drilling.

Any pearl which was drilled on your request can NOT be returned under any circumstances.

An additional message via eBay messages would be great, too.

We do not charge for drilling.
However, we are not responsible for any damages during drilling or if the drilling is different from your expectations.
We take the greatest care possible, but we only can do standard drilling.
If you expect anything different, please let us know before any purchase or drilling request.
We always reserve the right to decline any drilling request.
We do not accept any returns of pearls which were modified or drilled on buyers request.

Thank you very much for your understanding.